Nitrophila mohavensis Munz & Roos
Family: Amaranthaceae
Amargosa niterwort
not available
Stems 3-10 cm, base often buried with long internodes and scalelike leaves, above-ground portion densely leafy with overlapping leaves. Leaves of main stems often auriculate-clasping at base; blade flat (not terete) with keel-like midrib, broadly ovate, 2.3-4(-4.7) × 2.5-3.5 mm at base, apex mucronate or apiculate. Inflorescences solitary, sessile flowers. Flowers: perianth segments erect, pinkish, ovate, 2.3-3.5 mm; stamens included; filaments shortly connate basally; style equaling stigma branches. Utricle concealed by persistent calyx. Seeds black, ca 1.2 mm, shiny. Flowering spring-fall. Moist alkaline soils; of conservation concern; 600-750 m; Calif., Nev. Nitrophila mohavensis is endemic to the Amargosa Desert and occurs with Distichlis stricta, Cordylanthus tecopensis, and Cleomella brevipes.