Fritillaria gentneri Gilkey
Family: Liliaceae
Gentner's fritillary
not available
Bulb scales: large several; small numerous. Stem 5-7 dm. Leaves in 1-3 whorls of 3-5 leaves per node proximally, alternate distally, 7-15 cm; blade broadly linear to lanceolate. Flowers spreading to nodding; perianth broadly campanulate; tepals red to purple, clearly mottled with yellow, 3.5-4 cm, apex spreading, not recurved; nectaries linear, 1/2 tepal length; style obviously branched for 1/3-1/2 its length, branches widely spreading, longer than 1.5 mm. Capsules winged. Flowering Apr--Jun. Dry woodlands; of conservation concern; 300--1500 m; Oreg. Fritillaria gentneri is a restricted endemic closely allied with F. recurva and F. affinis, with which it can be confused. Some evidence suggests that it may represent a hybrid between those two species. More study is needed to determine whether it should remain recognized as a distinct species.