Limosella pubiflora Pennell
Family: Scrophulariaceae
Chiricahua Mountain mudwort
Limosella pubiflora image
Kenneth Heil  
A small annuall herb, forming a cluster of leaves, about 6 cm high, with each leaf at the tip of a long, thin stalk. Flowers are small, white or tinged with purple, and like the leaves, are borne singly on top of thin stalks. (From the original description of Pennell (1940)): Annual. Plants probably not stoloniferous. Leaves laxly widely spreading, the elongated petioles cunneately widening at apex to oblanceolate leaf-blades, 1-2cm long, 3-5mm wide. Calyx 3-3.5mm long glabrous the lobes ovate-acute, about 1mm long. Corolla 2.5 mm long the throat tubular-campanulate, the lobes about 0.8mm long, obtuse, finely pubescent within. Style 0,6mm long arcuately curved. Capsule 3.5-4mm long, globose-ovoid. Seed 0.4mm long, little longer than wide (1.3 times) grayish-brown, the ridges sharp.