Eremogone congesta var. crassula (Maguire) R.L.Hartm. & Rabeler
Family: Caryophyllaceae
[Arenaria congesta var. crassula Maguire]
Eremogone congesta var. crassula image
Stems 15-20 cm, glabrous. Leaves: basal blades curved inward, needlelike, (1.5-)2-3 cm × 1-2 mm, ± fleshy. Inflorescences capitate, rounded, dense cymes; bracts closely enveloping sepals. Pedicels ± absent, mostly shorter than 0.1 mm, glabrous. Sepals conspicuously 1- to weakly 3-veined, 3.5-4 mm, apex obtuse. Flowering summer. Dry, upper montane ridges and rocky crevices; 1800-2500 m; Calif., Oreg.