Errazurizia rotundata (Woot.) Barneby
Family: Fabaceae
roundleaf dunebroom,  more...
[Parryella rotundata Woot.]
Errazurizia rotundata image
Daniela Roth  
PLANT : Low, twiggy, sometimes sprawling subshrub up to 30-40 cm high with repeated branching upwardly. LEAVES : 3-14 cm long; leaflets 1-7 mm long, 1-4 mm wide. CALYX : 4.5-6.0 mm long; filaments light green, conspicuously exserted from the calyx and nearly twice as long; anthers bright yellow. FRUIT : 9.5-12.0 mm long, up to 5 mm wide. [Parryella rotundata Wooten NOTES : On red or white sandstone pavement and ledges, in sandy crevices among rocks, or in loose, drifted sand: Coconino, Navajo cos. (Fig. 1A); 1350-1500 m (4500-5100 ft); Apr-early May; known only from a few localities in n AZ, all within the drainage of the Little Colorado River. REFERENCES: Rhodes, Suzanne, June Beasley and Tina Ayers. 2011. Fabaceae. CANOTIA 7: 1-13.