Eriogonum pharnaceoides var. cervinum Reveal
Family: Polygonaceae
wirestem buckwheat
not available
Plants 1-3 dm. Basal leaves: petiole usually 0.1-0.3(-0.5) cm; blade 1-3(-4) × 0.1-0.25(-0.4) cm. Inflorescences 5-25 cm. Perianths yellow. Flowering Jul-Sep. Sandy or gravelly slopes, sagebrush and mountain mahogany commu-nities, oak, pinyon-juniper and montane conifer woodlands; (1400-)1800-2300 m; Ariz., Nev., Utah. Variety cervinum is rare to infrequent in its limited range of eastern Lincoln County, Nevada, southwestern Iron and western Washington counties, Utah, and northeastern Mohave County, Arizona. It is totally disjunct from the typical variety.