Marshallia mohrii Beadle & F. E. Boynt.
Family: Asteraceae
Mohr's Barbara button
not available
Plants 30-70 cm (aerial stems branched distally). Leaves mostly basal (distally reduced); basal petiolate; blades 3-nerved, narrowly elliptic to spatulate, 6-25 cm × 8-3 mm. Heads 2-5(-10), 22-37 mm diam. Peduncles 10-20 cm. Phyllaries 8-11 × 2-3.5 mm, apices acute. Paleae ± linear, apices acute. Corollas pink, lobes 5-7 × 1 mm. Pappi: scale margins irregular, broken, serrulate. 2n = 36. Flowering May-Jun. Meadows, roadsides; 500-1000 m; Ala., Ga. Marshallia mohrii grows in the southern Appalachians. It may be an allotetraploid derivative of diploids, probably M. grandiflora and either M. trinervia or M. graminifolia subsp. tenuifolia