Hexastylis naniflora Blomquist
Family: Aristolochiaceae
Dwarf-flowered heartleaf
[Asarum naniflorum (H.L. Blomq.) Pfeifer]
not available
Rhizomes: internodes short, leaves crowded at rhizome apex. Leaf blade variegate, cordate to orbiculate-cordate. Flowers: calyx tube cylindric to cylindric-campanulate, sometimes with prominent transverse ridge just above middle, 6-13 × 4-7 mm, inner surface longitudinally ridged with low reticulations between ridges, lobes spreading, 4-7 × 4-7 mm, adaxially puberulent; stamen connective not extending beyond pollen sacs; ovary 1/2-inferior; ovules 6 per locule; style notched at apex. 2 n = 26. Flowering late winter-spring (Mar-Jun). Acidic sandy loam on bluffs and in ravines in deciduous forests, often associated with Kalmia latifolia ; of conservation concern; 500-700 m; N.C., S.C. The name Asarum naniflorum (H. L. Blomquist) Pfeifer has never been validly published.