Condalia globosa var. pubescens I.M. Johnston
Family: Rhamnaceae
bitter snakewood,  more...
Condalia globosa var. pubescens image
STEMS: hispidulous when young. LEAVES: densely to sparsely hispidulous. NOTES: See also parent taxon. Dry desert washes, drainages, canyons, occasionally open slopes: Pima, Maricopa, Yuma, La Paz, cos.; 500-1500 m (1600-5000 ft); flowering throughout the year; AZ, CA, n Mex. REFERENCES: Kyle Christie, Michael Currie, Laura Smith Davis, Mar-Elise Hill, Suzanne Neal, and Tina Ayers, 2006 Vascular Plants of Arizona: Rhamnaceae. CANOTIA 2(1): 23-46.